In 2016, Matt Newman quit his full time job and never looked back. He rolled up his sleeves, invested every penny he had, and built a multi-million-dollar eCommerce empire.

Now, he's ready to help other dreamers, entrepreneurs and business owners do the same thing.

Whether you're here to see what he's about, ready to connect and knowledge-share, or in need of a little help getting to that next step, you've come to the right place.



Matt is a great teacher and his lessons are priceless. His guidance helped me build and scale my brand, find the right funding, and make the right decisions sourcing and all the other details that go into starting an ecommerce business. Thanks so much Matt, your content is a goldmine of information!
Amazon Seller
When it comes to succeeding on Amazon, he knows his stuff! From getting funding, to sourcing, to getting people to your listings and driving sales, Matt’s content puts all the most successful strategies at your fingertips. If you’re serious about starting a viable, sustainable ecommerce business, you’ll get all the information you need here!
Amazon Seller
Matt and his team have taken my business to the next level. We were Amazon sellers already, but felt there were probably a few things we could do to take it to the next level - problem was, we weren’t sure what those things were! I met Matt and from Day 1, he gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to meet my goals.
Amazon Seller


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