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Matt Newman is an investor, a serial entrepreneur, and a proven Brand and Marketing Strategist. Much of his expertise lies in driving growth and scaling companies, for his own portfolio ventures and for Partners and Clients. Matt practiced business and securities law before making the transition into full-time Internet marketing, and that background in finance and law make him an expert in a wide range of aspects of marketing and entrepreneurship.

Matt began his adventure with no financial backing and used his unique ability to scale companies through marketing to reach where he is today: the founder of multiple 8-figure and 7-figure brands, as well as an investor and partner in many other companies. He currently runs a large e-commerce portfolio, as well as a large real estate portfolio.

His current focus is ZonLux Digital, an agency he founded to meet the growing need in the digital and retail space for understanding how to sell on Amazon. Matt has become an expert in maximizing eCommerce valuations and multipliers, along with paid advertising, crunching data to maximize conversion rates, all things SEO and building a viral message.

As a business coach, Matt enjoys using his extensive Internet marketing experience, vision and leadership to help others scale their business and generate the highest value for their company at the acquisition stage. Inspiration roots stem from the desire to bring value back to society, help entrepreneurs build their dreams, and leave a positive impact in the community. Matt holds a BA in Finance from University of Missouri and Law Degree from Washington University of St. Louis. He is still a licensed attorney and lives in St. Petersburg with his wife, Hannah, and golden retriever, Sansa.


Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.
Vincent Van Gogh

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